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  • Penta Security Systems Web Application Threat Report,
    Trends for the first half of 2012

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  • Penta Security Systems Five Core Values

    Penta Security regards five values as important:
    Security, Quality, Aesthetics, Ease of Use, and Originality

    [Security] is the top priority
    at Penta Security.
    Penta Secutiry provides
    top [Quality] assurance.
    Penta Security is in pursuit of
    Penta Security prodives
    [Ease of Use].
    Penta Security walks a
    [Unique] path.
  • Penta Security Systems Challenges
    • Cutting edge technology
    • Innovative business management systems
    • Expansion into the global economy

    Globalization is rapidly progressing with our ventures in Japan,
    Australia, and throughout East Asia!

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